Friday, November 2, 2012

Keeping up with Kamber

I am the second child, second daughter, second to Kamber...anyone who knows her, knows that I have a lot of potential to live up to. I have a lot to keep up with. Everyone loves Kamber! And she is so good at everything! She is creative, crafty, cute, stylish, happy, loving, and more recently a runner. A marathoner actually!

(Kamber and Kari before the race, it was cold and early! 
This was a first for both of them...they had no idea what was ahead of them!)

That is right, I now have struggle to keep up with her amazing endurance. Last weekend, she ran in one of the hardest marathons for her first ever marathon. I was lucky enough to be in Utah so that I could be there to cheer her on and share that great accomplishment with her. I was supposed to, at least, but I don't think I did quite what she had in mind. I decided to run the last couple of miles with her to keep her spirits up and cheer her on during the hardest part of the race. Due to circumstances out of my control I got dropped off at a random part on the course ahead of her by 30 mins or so. We did eventually meet up, and I was some how able to keep pace with her for a while. Keep in mind, she had been running for 3.5-4 hours already, most of which was hills! (we were running in the canyon) so her pace was a bit slower and she was pretty worn out. I was fresh ... a little too fresh (as in my muscles haven't been stressed by running very far in a very long time) and was able to keep up with her and her friend Kari (both pictured above). And let me tell you, those were some long miles!!  I kept pace until her friend stopped for a water break. I assumed Kamber would stop too, but when she didn't I had already lost my momentum and was really struggling to catch up the few feet that she had gained. Luckily, my Kamber is understanding (and probably felt like I was slowing her down) and told me that I didn't have to keep up with her. I ended up finishing the last mile or so with Kari and finishing with Kamber cheering me on.

Though it seems a little backward, this is how being Kamber's younger sister goes. That's how it has always been. She doesn't care when I fall short or end up needing help and encouragement (because I always do). Even when I was supposed to be giving it to her. She keeps pressing forward. She runs ahead and then turns back to come and get me! She doesn't think any less of me and I know that she loves me. I could not have asked for a better sister!

Great job Kamber! Thanks for setting the pace for me and always being willing to turn around for me!

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